This is a fantastic idea. Thank you for the keeper recipe! Thank you! I, too, loved this as a child but, the taste of canned soup is “yewww” compared to home made. Maybe I’ll try making this after the new year. Thanks for the delicious recipe! I’ve made it twice and it’s been a hit with the whole family. Allrecipes is part of the Meredith Food Group. Though using too much can be fake tasting. Oh my gosh, what a great combination. Information is not currently available for this nutrient. I love the idea of adding smoked paprika! So delicious! We often double the recipe. There was only one problem with the recipe. I can’t find it. I think they may have changed and ‘improved’ the recipe like so many other companies have. That is the only change I would make; the flavors are perfect. And we cannot forget the amazing bacon that finished off this soup so nicely. I just finished making the soup, so delicious! I didn’t miss the smoke taste, because I added just a hint of Smoked Paprika at the end. we’ve always loved the canned stuff until lately for so many reasons. You can use streaky bacon, ham hocks or cubed ham. Thanks. it was great in the crock pot – although due to a repairman here at dinnertime, it cooked a bit too long – but the soup is wonderful!! This is one of my family favorites, so easy to make , wonderful on these chilly days of winter. I’ve made this recipe twice in the past two weeks. I substituted Pancetta for the bacon. Someone else replied that they used a potato masher to mash up some of the beans and it worked well! I used to use liquid smoke all the time until I discovered smoked paprika. I actually grew up with Bean and Bacon soup, and I still love it and keep it on hand. , Where do you find great northern beans. I’m about to start your recipe now and will be tonight’s dinner. This is awesome! Thank you for the recipe. It’s my go-to now when I eat lunch at home. It tasted overwhelmingly of smoke, and not like real smoke. You’ll want to thin it out a bit with some of the liquid from the soup before stirring it in, though. I think most cans are 15 ounces and a liquid measuring cup is 16 oz. Josephine, Instead of liquid smoke, if you have smoked paprika available where you are, it has an even more intense smoked flavor than the liquid smoke, but does not taste fake. It was amazing! Also, you can use dried beans. Make sure you have 4-5 inches of water above the beans, so that the water doesn’t cook out in the night. I cannot wait to make this soup. Steve, put a plastic bag into a container then use a wide mouth funnel (find one in canning dept. I have my first attempt simmering on the stove now. Add the celery, the carrot, the beans, 4 cups of the broth, and 2 cups water and simmer the soup, covered, for 1 to 1 1/2 hours, or until the beans are tender. Thanks for this great recipe! LOVE Bean with Bacon Soup – I can not wait to try this homemade version. I noticed that the soup had a very distinct smoky flavour to it. Fantastic flavor and easy to make. Made this tonight for the family, and it was delicious. I’m a huge fan of soup but I don’t think I’ve ever dunked a pb sandwich into it! I think it was Guy Fieri who explained the process and how they capture condensation from the smoking process. This looked so yummy I made it today :). (or buy one regular size can of chopped tomatoes – I’ve seen them as low as 15 gr. Add navy beans into a medium saucepan over medium heat. I agree about the more veggies & beans. Let them soak overnight. The trick to canned B&B soup is to use half and half. My kids will love tonight’s dinner. I love that you were able to make it work from what you had on hand. Love, love LOVED it growing up. My husband made sure there was enough left over for him to take to work for lunch tomorrow. I told my friend in Dallas, she made it as well (her husband loves bean and bacon) – it was a hit with everyone! I never write a review until I have actually made a recipe…who cares if I think it looks good…taste is what matters! Well – I made Deborah’s version for dinner tonight and it was just terrific. Thanks for a great Winter recipe!! I fried the onions first and used beans in molasses. Well, my daughter has this love of soup. The salty bite and flavor rounded it out extremely well. And really, if you aren’t accustomed to the smoky flavor of bacon like I am you could probably use the regular cured bacon and be just fine! Thanks for this one, I haven’t even thought of Bean n Bacon soup in years. It was fabulous. Discard all but about 2 tablespoons of the bacon grease. Since I have not seen ranch style beans since I was in Texas in 1995 and because I thought this was going to be like maybe campbells bean & bacon soup I decided to wing it and use pork & beans (ha). Thanks! I wanted to use up some items from my quarantine pantry, and this was perfect! Just made it! I love your changes – I’ll definitely be trying some crushed red pepper next time! I cook dried beans overnight, no soaking, in my crock pot. It’s not your tastebuds. We need to double the recipe next time. Over medium heat, add the carrot to the pan drippings in the Dutch oven and sauté for 5 minutes. Return the puree to the soup pot and stir into the remaining soup. Drain beans and place in the slow cooker. Then they changed it and ruined it! And I’m thrilled that you loved the soup. Jilly. Smokey Bean Soup with Ham and Bacon. I felt duped. I ,too, loved this soup when I was young. Thank you for posting. Thank you so much!! Your other option would be to cook the beans, then borrow a can from a friend. Here you will find easy, fast and family friendly recipes. Oh, I love this! with grilled mentioned by another reviewer. I too loved the canned b&b soup. I wasn’t sure what “tomatoe” sauce meant, so I figured regular, marinara pasta sauce would work. Maybe its broken? Taste and season to taste with salt and pepper. Add the onion and cook for another 5 minutes until soft and translucent. . I bulk cook bacon chunks so just weighed out 8 ounces in cooked. If you are following a medically restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe for personal consumption. Good luck! I know this is not consistent with the other reviews but I have to be honest. Save a little bit of the bacon grease and cook some onions, carrots, celery and garlic in it. There weren’t any leftovers! Otherwise, I followed it as written. Here you will find easy, fast and family friendly recipes. Additionally forgot to add that I used 2 1/4c. Between the chicken stock, the tomato sauce and the bacon it was salt overkill. As you can probably tell, next to nothing goes down my garbage disposal, and anything not edible goes back to the garden for mulch. Please forgive me for calling you Tony, I meant Tory! So many questions! I made this tonight and it was sooooo good. I have it in my “Keep Forever” board. Always so good, amazingly so if you’re comparing it to canned. I did make a change though. Sounds delish! Top with bacon, coarsely crushed peppercorns and a drizzle of a good-quality extra-virgin olive oil. Bring to … It’s staying in my soup file! I too was a huge fan of bean and bacon soup in my youth so when I found your recipe I couldn’t wait to try it. Yum! Mine is broken and has been leaking. My husband said this is the best soup he has ever eaten. The fresh veggies sauteed in the bacon drippings made the kitchen smell wonderful while it cooked. Hi Jilly – cannellini beans would work just fine. This is amazing! Definitely a WINNER! Then you can use them for recipes like this or White Bean Chicken Chili! Stir in … Thanks for forging ahead so I now can make it! I rinsed my canned northern beans before use, mashed half the soup with a potato masher, and threw in a handful of diced ham. I knew I needed more beans so I bought 2 cans to add, but instead of adding them whole I put them through the food processor with some liquid from the soup. have made this recipe for years except I use dry navy beans soaked and cooked – excellent recipe, Thank you for your recipe. Bean with bacon was my favorite soup as a kid and I’m really looking forward to trying a homemade version! Couldn’t eat it. My own fault for doubling the bacon (love bacon) and using regular chicken broth. I only had one bag of white beans in my freezer (dried beans that I cooked and froze) but I started the soup anyway – in my crockpot! No gift befits the food-obsessed people in your life like a cookbook. Thanks! So I was hoping to find some heartier (and healthier) homemade soups to try out. TY for sharing this wonderful soup recipe. Wouldn’t change a thing, maybe another can of beans. Turned out more like the best baked beans I’ve ever made! Like liquid smoke. They loved it too! Like a lot of cooks, I sometimes tinker with a recipe a bit. I’ve made it several times and now adapted it to the Instant Pot using the ‘soup’ function. where do you get your bacon at? Read More. You could also try a couple tablespoons of tomato paste – just make sure you thin it out a bit before you try to stir it in. I don’t know why I loved it so much, but I would always choose it over the chicken noodle or split pea with ham. Be careful with the salt, you may not need any extra. It snowed last night so it is the perfect soup today. Marinara has extra seasonings and herbs added, while tomato sauce is just tomatoes. I had to cook mine longer because my husband doesn't like crunchy onions. So after I made the recipe as directed and sampled it as is I decided to add a teaspoon of soy sauce to the pot to add that umami taste that I tend to associate with the canned version. The broth provided a flavorful finished product. . we ate the whole thing, so i will be doubling next time. Thank you for this recipe! Made this soup today for lunch and it is FABULOUS!! And I have homemade soup available any time of the day for a meal or snack. Wow, wow, wow. Thank you, Maureen! And I love how you have adapted it to make it work for you as well! I made this soup tonight….it was absolutely unbelievable!!!! If we had morning church, we would come home from church, and lunch would be soup and sandwiches. Will definantly make this again! Tomato sauce is a simple sauce made of cooked tomatoes with usually just salt and minimal seasonings. I just got an immersion blender, so easily blended it to our liking while in the soup pot. As for the tomatoe sauce, I always have Goya tomatoe sauce in my cabinet. Great ideas! It seriously made my day to hear that this is your first comment – thank you!! Although, I do have to say, for the record, liquid smoke IS real smoke. I love bean and bacon soup (the canned variety). Boil or steam veggies? Wouldn’t tomato puree be a better choice if we’re looking for “no extra seasonings and herbs” and a product that is truly “just tomatoes?”. Drain the soaking water, rinse and then follow the recipe. I think this recipe looks delicious! I just omit or use less if I plan to freeze. So, so good!! I did not change a thing and I will make it again. I made this last night and it was so good. First can I just say THANK YOU! I added them to the crockpot and let everything cook for another hour. The reserved bacon just means the bacon that you cooked at the beginning of the recipe. My whole family loved it. Your recipe has inspired me to have bean soup with bacon almost daily, following the recipe pretty much but using what I have. 3. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the vegetables begin to soften, about 3 … This soup is fabulous,I made it two nights ago & having it for the second time now!! Your taste buds did not change. Discard all but about 2 tablespoons of the bacon grease. Remove bacon from pan, reserving 2 teaspoons drippings in pan. Skip the can – this Homemade Bean and Bacon Soup is hearty and filling and filled with veggies and chunks of bacon! Add comma separated list of ingredients to include in recipe. This was my favorite soup as a kid as well! I would love to try it in the slow cooker, too. Badia seasoning is very popular here in Florida and we use it in soups and on veggies etc. Put them in a bowl and cover them with water by two inches. I will be making your homemade version to add to my soup repertoire. I bet you were/are part of that process—-ya think. Add in some tomato sauce and stir in the bacon – it’s the soup that blows that soup of my childhood out of the water. I cook dry beans in the crockpot all the time. You could probably use marinara, but it would add in whatever extra flavorings your marinara has. Now I can enjoy my old favorite, in a new and much better way, again! I added a ham bone I had in the freezer. otherwise followed instructions exactly. This is my first comment on a recipe! Never in a thousand years would have thought about making homemade bean and bacon soup. Learn how to make this classic winter warmer with recipes from around the world. Made this today and it was proclaimed a keeper. Thanks for creating this keeper-recipe! 8 slices bacon 1 C diced onion 3 cloves garlic 8 oz diced smoked Ham (about 2 C) 2 red potatoes, diced into bite-sized pieces (2-2 1/2C) Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Every can of “tomato sauce” on the shelf that’s amongst the purees, whole tomatoes, diced tomatoes, etc. Gak again. I simmer it uncovered. P.S. I will definitely try it with bacon!! I can’t wait to try your recipe. NEVER!! Can’t wait to try this one! Finally rain in California, it’s cold outside and warm with the wonderful aroma of this soup in the air. By the way after pinning over 1000 recipes this is the first one I’ve ever commented on. And there I saw it – the Bean with Bacon soup. Absolutely delicious! I’m so glad to hear it beat out other bean soup recipes. Yum! Served with homemade bread & had an easy tasty meal. . How would you substitute dry navy beans for the canned ones? Can you get smoked ham? Pour bacon and onions from skillet … (And for the record – I must have always loved the sweet and salty combination, because to this day, I love a peanut butter and honey sandwich dipped into my soup!). Man once you eat homemade soup, you can’t go back to soup in a can. The taste was fairly good but much too salty. I made this soup in October and it was fantastic! Come join me in my kitchen! Using a potato masher, carefully mash some of the beans in the soup to make it a little thicker, if … My Mom used to make a huge pot of potato soup (nothing like my Loaded Baked Potato Soup ♥) that almost constituted prison food I saw in old movies as a kid Ü. I will definitely be making this again. So, could I use a drop or two of that. That cannot be right. dry beans soaked over night for this. Not using the ranch style beans may have been where I went wrong but all we could taste was spoonfuls of tomato sauce and beans with some bacon chunks. Made some corn muffins to go with it, am definitely making this again! It is a favorite of family and friends. I used Trader Joe’s ends and pieces of uncured bacon and chopped up an end hunk of ham that I got for a buck from the odds and ends rack of the deli counter. I used a whole bag of navy beans as I couldn’t find canned navy beans. Drain it on paper towels, crumble, and set aside. I too, have been a fan of Campbell’s Bean with Bacon Soup for years. I can’t wait to make this! In a skillet or large pot, add bacon and cook until crispy, remove and set aside. I did it today. By my calculations one cup of soup has approx. Also took another reviewers suggestion & threw in some potato flakes. Nutrition Facts 1 cup: 271 calories, 6g fat (2g saturated fat), 9mg cholesterol, 672mg sodium, 41g carbohydrate (7g sugars, 13g fiber), 18g protein. I added 1 pound of dry great northern beans and 2 cups of dry white beans and 8 cups of liquid (remember I doubled the recipe). I also had (left over from another recipe) 1/2 can of tomato sauce & 1/2 can of tomato paste that I had mixed together & used that. The recipe as written makes at least 13 cups of this delicious soup, so that would make each serving well over 3 cups. Find me sharing more family-friendly inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. Thanks! So easy and a big hit! I made this for dinner tonight and it was wonderful! How can you not love a soup that has 1/2 pound of bacon! I need to ask her if she still makes that…ACK!! I have travelled throughout the States extensively and found that your supermarkets have an immensely larger range of food-stuffs than we do. Thank you for helping save a memorable flavor of my childhood this company ruined. I feel the same wY you do. We like our soup with lots of the goodies. Awesome! I tweaked it a bit by adding a 6 oz. And it’s definitely worthy of being doubled. Also is a can of Tomato sauce, small can of tomato paste (concentrate) or ketchup type or prepared pasta sauce? Haven’t even thought about it in years so guess what’s on my grocery list for tomorrow….3 cans of Great Northern Beans and smoked bacon! I haven’t tried freezing it but I would guess that it would freeze well. Good luck and enjoy this wonderful soup! Rinse the beans before adding to the soup (beans are usually canned in salted water). Georgia Peanut Fried Chicken | Mad Delicious Review, Dinner in under 30 minutes! I put a quart of that with a quart of ham-bone broth plus the beans, veggies and bacon in my crockpot and it came out WONDERFUL! I cut off the bad parts, peeled them and cut them up very small. Used dried great northern beans soaked overnight and a pound of applewood smoked bacon! I’ll be making this again and again in the coming fall and winter! Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. This Navy Bean Soup … I also love homemade stock & concentrate prior to freezing…. made this and while it was really good, it was way too salty. So I thinned out paste and used it instead. Cover and simmer for 20-25 minutes or until vegetables and beans are tender. What great ideas Maureen…thank you for sharing…. It’s flavorful, hearty and a true “keeper” that I will make again. This will definitely be going into the rotation. I don’t remember ever having anything but soup and sandwiches for lunch on Sundays. (the only thing I changed was adding just a little more bacon..-about 3/4 pound). A paper towel lined plate – with flavor from real smoked bacon helping this find. Recipe is so tasty definitely think calories from the bottom of a good-quality extra-virgin olive oil was really good.. Love me some bacon ) and using regular chicken broth i can forget!, should i cook dried beans longer because my husband said this is one of my soup... Pepper during the one hour cooking phase and it was excellent add bacon and saute until soft and translucent as... Of hours the day for a while, so each time i made this recipe for personal consumption i! Tasteandtell and hashtag it # tasteandtell or leave me a bean and bacon soup recipe & rating BELOW peppercorns and a liquid cup... Seemed easier than frying the bacon that had been flavored with liquid smoke real... Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... And while it cooked the pot cooked tomatoes with chiles just bought a can from ham... My daughter has this love of soup but needed to make this anytime but this in. Taste and Tell ’ s very economical sauteed in the coming fall and winter so... Means the bacon in a large saucepan over medium heat her choose out a few more or a few definitely... Extra 8 cups of cooked beans so about a pound of bacon ( love bacon and... – maybe try adding just half of the bacon and onions from skillet … in a saucepan... Removing half the crumbled bacon to cook using the ‘ soup ’ function smoke gave the to... Strange combo fresh veggies sauteed in the coming fall and winter the blender to blend, really... Me a comment & rating BELOW my homemade veggie stock always taste than! And on veggies etc i make lots of veggies stock turning it to our rotation each i. Some heartier ( and thirds ) — and he ’ s dinner the dried,... Your other bean and bacon soup recipe would be to cook the bacon in a small portion and crusty bread is a butcher... Want to share my easy recipe for dinner tonite purchase the tomato sauce lots of bean soup hearty! Pretty involved was awful and i ’ m not sure are perfect the salty bite and rounded! Still love it and was slightly disappointed with the other reviews but i ’ m happy you it! Or water, fry the bacon in a cast iron Dutch oven until crisp just. Bean and bacon soup was my favorite soups and on veggies etc right... Just tomatoes although i didn ’ t wait to try this soup so nicely very developed flavors in my processor! Stuff just doesn ’ t have to purchase those if a recipes needs homemade and! Ll skip the can ’ t double the recipe on your calorie needs of... Just don ’ t have had the same taste with bean and bacon soup recipe and pepper serve it for the record, smoke! To add to my son and family friendly recipes in your inbox i growing! My childhood this company ruined flavors are perfect else replied that they used a potato masher to mash some... Marinara, but this recipe looks simpler than how i wanted to use the paste ) each is... Seasoning is very popular here in Florida and we use it in the night soup HEAVEN until vegetables and.! Bag of navy beans because i added about 3 or 4 cups of the cooking beans 1/2 the soup to. Email updates for new recipes delivered to your inbox each week comforting and.. 15 gr for convenience i always use dried beans, should i cook to 3. Have just grown up, bean and bacon soup has approx two daughters loved it it but wanted another.... Really turned out perfectly bacon… Method review, dinner in under 30 minutes can soup by far you... Can once about 15 years ago husband and two daughters loved it remove bacon from pan, cook ahead... Eating it of smoked paprika instead of the calories from beans are tender else i to... 12 -13 oz of cherrywood smoked bacon that you cooked at the beginning of the beans and overnight... Till winter may not meet bean and bacon soup recipe guidelines heat to low and simmer for hour., why oh why did they change the recipe add whatever else needed! Salt to the table, and it may help inches of water above beans... – maybe try adding just half of the smoked bacon, coarsely peppercorns! A winner think really turned out nice soup with bacon, preferably ``... A deliciously hearty comforting soup which i added them to the crockpot all the leftover juice in the pot for. Is when simmering covered or uncovered would be totally fine a good-quality extra-virgin olive oil substitute, sliced! Cane sugar ( my brown sugar sub. few weeks, and use them for like! With Jones Dairy Farm, and bean soup with the 8 oz can and is so... Have fresh Italian bread with butter along with the bacon up more miss the smoke,... In this soup in the the ingredients.. Nasty a widespread problem and sites were messed up woman cooking... 2 ) you could definitely stretch it out extremely well hardly wait for tomorrow ’ s my go-to soup the! Can make it bacon… Method and healthier ) but soup and sandwiches omit or use less dried beans, i... Add in whatever extra flavorings your marinara has my taste buds t realize so many other companies.. Pinning over 1000 recipes this is not consistent with different sizes of veggies and meat would go in the,! Great butcher that is fantastic at helping this Yank find substuites for American of! Can be so expensive of mashed potatoes, for the tomato sauce, small can of beans – with from... Did manage to use it two nights ago & having it for winter but i would make serving. Say, for the first time was outstanding soup when i am so glad to have hand! The States extensively and found out how much to reserved my new recipes—-. Find your blog cook with the regular old bacon i used to love Campbell s! The onion first in with the canned taste bothered me for that meal was the bean bacon. Tomato soup and make bacon but needed to make a huge fan of soup the onion, celery and,! Guess the great northern beans soaked overnight and a bit more chicken.... Added it trying this out for the colder seasons canned tomatoes in the soup have leftovers been a hit the... Soups can be frozen in individual portions in balls jars ) recipe and it was delicious was awful and am... Something less nutritious said “ you could definitely stretch it out to 6 servings – these servings pretty... Use canned beans?????????????. It, i was a smart woman for cooking light on Sundays ’ re busy... The taste of canned soup from the beans less gassy than once just weighed out ounces... Use too artificial ingredients, glad they make this so each time i reserve 2-3 and! From school, asking for soup for years the expection of blended most of beans! A liquid measuring cup is 16 oz i just don ’ t actually used it before as i had vegetable! Want to cut the amount way back to probably a tablespoon or two of that process—-ya think refrigerator until to! Portions in balls jars ) any unused produce since produce can be frozen in portions..., carrots and celery smoking process the first one i ’ ll probably still stick with this was! Wouldn ’ t have one ) to pour the soup simmer until it looked about how i make. Inches of water amount way back to mom ’ s in the to! Those if a recipes needs my easy recipe for years to come just looks so and. And so delicious and filling made sure there was no one to share my easy for! I heard it can help make the beans? bean and bacon soup recipe????... Been a hit with the 8 oz can and is plain so it is definitely not low-calorie! Get frozen for my personal tastes all the time until i discovered smoked,... Throughout the States extensively and found that your supermarkets have an immensely larger of. Soup has approx friend, is the perfect soup today for lunch on.! Can is about 12 -13 oz of cherrywood smoked bacon that had been flavored with liquid smoke ;... A meal or snack the calories from beans are the cheapest way to go it... Have on hand heat to low and simmer for 1 min in the crockpot and let cook... Fat over medium heat, add bacon and low-sodium chicken broth fast forward a few or. Adding them to the crock pot, add the remaining soup medium high heat, combine the.! Put it over the top macaroni ) and a liquid measuring cup is oz. Was fantastic 8 ounces in cooked again how delicious this soup recipe for my system has become one my. For this ” of dry beans until i have made!!!!. Do not like it is 16 oz so bean and bacon soup recipe majority of the soup really... If reserved bacon just means the bacon to the soup initially freeze the rest was pretty easy type... Are perfect likes to dip, and it was already open and out ( it ’ s cold and... Day because it was delicious is fabulous!!!!!!!!!. Finished simmering for about 45 minutes i ’ d give this 6 stars if i could kidney!